How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education

How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education

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How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education, 10e CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Research CHAPTER 2: The Research Problem CHAPTER 3: Locating and Reviewing the Literature CHAPTER 4: Ethics and Research CHAPTER 5: Variables and Hypotheses CHAPTER 6: Sampling CHAPTER 7: Instrumentation CHAPTER 8: Validity and Reliability CHAPTER 9: Internal Validity CHAPTER 10: Descriptive Analyses CHAPTER 11: Inferential Statistics CHAPTER 12: Statistics in Perspective CHAPTER 13: Experimental Research CHAPTER 14: Single-Subject Research CHAPTER 15: Correlational Research CHAPTER 16: Causal-Comparative Research CHAPTER 17: Survey Research CHAPTER 18: The Nature of Qualitative Research CHAPTER 19: Observation and Interviewing CHAPTER 20: Analysis CHAPTER 21: Ethnographic Research CHAPTER 22: Historical Research CHAPTER 23: Mixed-Methods Research CHAPTER 24: Action Research CHAPTER 25: Preparing Research Proposals and Reports
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