Supervision in the Helping Professions 5e

Supervision in the Helping Professions 5e


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Foreword by Michael Carroll Introduction 1. 'Good enough' supervision and the challenges of our time Part I: The supervisee's perspective 2. The seven capacities of a reflective practitioner 3. Becoming and being an effective supervisee Part II: The supervisor's perspective and the process of supervision 4. Becoming and being an effective supervisor 5. Maps and models of supervision 6. The Seven-eyed model of supervision 7. Working with difference: Transcultural supervision 8. Ethical and legal issues: Facing challenging and complex situations in supervision 9. Supervisor training and development Part III: Group, peer-group and team supervision 10. Group and peer-group supervision 11. Supervising in teams and team development Part IV: Supervision in organisations 12. Towards an organisational learning culture 13. Developing supervision policy and practice in organisations Part V: Development of supervision 14. Development of supervision across professions 15. What have we learned about supervision? A review of the research evidence Conclusion 16. Working with an open mind and open heart
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