Presentation Skills For Managers, Second Edition

Presentation Skills For Managers, Second Edition

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Introduction 1. Rehearsal Process The Talk Through The Walk Through Dress Rehearsal The Rehearsal Process and You Manager's Checklist for Chapter 1 2. The Essentials The Feet, the Hands, and the Face Making eye contact work for you Empowering your voice Avoiding filler words Manager's Checklist for Chapter 2 3. Fear and confidence Why am I Nervous? Harnessing Your Nerves How to Fell More Calm and Appear More Confident Know Your Symptoms Manager's Checklist for Chapter 3 4. Audience Analysis Audience Demographics Audience Mindset Expectations Audience Analysis is Essential to Creating Your Presentation Manager's Checklist for Chapter 4 5. Acting techniques that help you create content Identifying Your Presentation Objectives Using Presentation Strategies Manager's Checklist for Chapter 5 6. The Blueprint for every Presentation Introduction Organizing Your Presentation Body Conclusion Manager's Checklist for Chapter 6 7. Storytelling for audience engagement How to Tell a Story Incorporating Stories into Presentations Storytelling is Fluid Manager's Checklist for Chapter 7 8. Performance techniques Make It All about You Control Your Visuals Get Away From the Furniture Don't Match the Backdrop Reading Your Audience Manager's Checklist for Chapter 8 9. Stage Movement Being Seen Confident First Impressions and Final Moments Using Your Stage Seated Presentations Manager's Checklist for Chapter 9 10. Actors' secrets for sharing the stage Preparing to Co-Present Group Presentation Rehearsal Co-Presenting with someone who wants to "Wing It" Presenting on a Panel Manager's Checklist for Chapter 10 11. Q&A management Planning for Audience Questions Elements of a Good Answer How to Not Answer a Question Rehearsing Q&A Manager's Checklist for Chapter 11 12. What If...? What If... You Need to Acknowledge an Issue to the Crowd? What If... You're Presenting Someone Else's Content? What If... You Don't Care about or Aren't Connected to the Content? What If... You Have to Deliver the Same Information Over and Over Again? What If... You Get Shorted on Time? What If... You're Given Extra Time? What If... You Skip a Major Point? What If... You Forget a Prop? What If... You Totally Lose Your Audience? What If... You Have a Heckler or a Hijacker? What If... You Discover an Error in Your Visuals? What If... You Need to Cancel? What If... You Get surprising Feedback? Manager's Checklist for Chapter 12 Conclusion Index
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