Australian Universities

Australian Universities

A conversation about public good

A.M. Thomas, Dr Matthew; Horne, Dr Julia

Sydney University Press






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Starting the conversation Julia Horne and Matthew A.M. Thomas

Part 1: Reimagining Australian universities

1. The One Sydney, Many People story Lisa Jackson Pulver with Peta Greenfield

2. One million livelihoods: granting social citizenship to Australian university students Susan Goodwin and Ariadne Vromen

3. Why are Australian universities so large? Glyn Davis

4. Reform for what purposes? Higher education enrolment in Taiwan and implications for Australia Ren-Hao Xu

Part 2: Reconsidering students

5. When do we answer the call for cultural change? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and higher education Jennifer Barrett, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Peta Greenfield and Michelle Dickson

6. Beyond "access" and "affordability": young people talk about university participation Samantha McMahon and Valerie Harwood

7. International students in Australia since the early 1900s Julia Horne

8. International students: during, before and after Gaby Ramia

Part 3: Rethinking structures

9. Who should pay for university? Eight logics of higher education funding in Australia Gareth Bryant

10. Fees and HECS and the politics of access to university Gwilym Croucher

11. The Job-ready Graduates Package and what it means for students Tim Payne

12. Twenty years of research in Australia's universities and implications for the future Alan Pettigrew

Part 4: Revisiting the public good

13. Let us have more scientists, and more humanists Michael A. Goodman

14. Building a university culture fit for purpose Tim Soutphommasane and Stephanie Wood

15. Teaching and learning at Australian universities in uncertain times Matthew A.M. Thomas, John Iromea, Remy Low, Victoria Rawlings, and Susan Banki

16. Universities, their publics, and climate change Tamson Pietsch

Continuing the conversation Julia Horne and Matthew A.M. Thomas
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Julia Horne;Matthew A.M. Thomas;Politics and society;Public and Social Policy Series;tertiary education;public policy