Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain

Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain

Prince, Victor

HarperCollins Focus






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Learn how to tackle wisdom the Camino way--with a pilgrim's heart, a wayfarer's grit, and a leader's vision!
Contents INTRODUCTION xv PART I: Meeting the Camino CHAPTER 1: The History of the Camino de Santiago 5 CHAPTER 2: The Spirit of the Camino 15 PART II: Learning from the Camino CHAPTER 3: Welcome Each Day, Its Pleasures and Its Challenges 23 CHAPTER 4: Make Others Feel Welcome 37 CHAPTER 5: Live in the Moment 51 CHAPTER 6: Share 65 CHAPTER 7: Feel the Spirit of Those Who Have Come Before You 79 CHAPTER 8: Appreciate Those Who Walk with You Today 93 CHAPTER 9: Imagine Those Who Will Follow You 107 PART III: Applying Lessons from the Camino CHAPTER 10: The Post-Camino Impact 123 CHAPTER 11: Think About Yourself Differently 127 CHAPTER 12: Think About Others Differently 139 CHAPTER 13: Act Differently 149 PART IV: Sharing the Camino CHAPTER 14: Find Your Own Camino 163 EPILOGUE 169 APPENDICES APPENDIX A: What to Know If You Want to Walk the Camino 171 APPENDIX B: The Camino Today 177 SOURCES 179 NOTES 181 INDEX 185
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