Webber, Lawrence; Wallace, Michael

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Acknowledgmentsix 1. Getting Started: Overview of the Project1 2. Building the Business Case: Measuring the Impact on the Business 25 3. Evaluating Risk: Understanding What Can Go Wrong39 4. Selecting a Strategy: Setting the Direction77 5. Building an Interim Plan: Don't Just Sit There, Do Something91 6. Writing the Plan: Getting It Down on Paper109 7. Administrative Plan: Orchestrating the Recovery123 8. Technical Recovery Plan: Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again143 9. Work Area Recovery Plan: Getting the Office Up and Running159 10. Pandemic Plan: The Wrath of Nature175 11. Crisis Management Plan: Minimizing the Damage197 12. Emergency Operations Plan: Taking Control of the Situation215 13. Testing Your Plans: Test, Test, Test241 14. Certifications: How Does Your Plan Measure Up?269 15. Policies and Procedures: Get Everyone Moving in the Same Direction 287 16. Electrical Service: Keeping the Juice Flowing305 17. Telecommunications and Networking: Your Connection to the World323 18. Vital Records Recovery: Covering Your Assets349 19. Information Security Response: Always Vigilant375 20. Data: Your Most Irreplaceable Asset399 21. Workstations: The Weakest Link421 22. Customers: Other People to Worry About435 23. Suppliers: Collateral Damage443 24. Fire: Burning Down the House 455 25. Human Resources: Your Most Valuable Asset473 26. Health and Safety: Keeping Everyone Healthy493 27. Terrorism: The Wrath of Man509 Glossary521 Index527 About the Authors533
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