Succeeding with Senior Management: Getting the Right Support at the Right Time for Your Project

Succeeding with Senior Management: Getting the Right Support at the Right Time for Your Project


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How can a project manager and senior manager, despite core differences in communication styles, still rely on each other to achieve their goals and help the company soar?
CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: Understanding the Facts of Life for Executives 1 CHAPTER 2: Preparing the Leadership 13 CHAPTER 3: Questions Every Project Manager Really Needs Answered 25 CHAPTER 4: Establishing the Relationship and Managing Up the Organization 35 CHAPTER 5: Working with the Executive Sponsor to Understand the Project 41 CHAPTER 6: Reviewing the Stakeholder Analysis with Your Sponsor 53 CHAPTER 7: Listening Styles and How Using Them Effectively Helps You to Engage an Executive 61 CHAPTER 8: Your Attitude and Its Role in Engaging an Executive 71 CHAPTER 9: Preparing Sponsors for Their Role 79 CHAPTER 10: Clearly Establishing the Communication Channels to Stakeholders 87 CHAPTER 11: Creating Internal and External Communications with the Sponsor 97 CHAPTER 12: Using Deputies of Executives Effectively 109 CHAPTER 13: Executing Risk Mitigation Strategies and Executive Sponsor Support 117 CHAPTER 14: Addressing Scope with the Sponsor 127 CHAPTER 15: Providing Options and Recommendations for Key Decisions 135 CHAPTER 16: Communicating Problems and Issues with the Sponsor 145 CHAPTER 17: Communicating with Operations Using the Sponsor 153 CHAPTER 18: Using the Sponsor to Gain Operations Support 161 CHAPTER 19: Getting Help with Cross-Functional Issues 169 CHAPTER 20: Navigating the Political Waters 179 CHAPTER 21: Engaging Senior Managers When You Have a Multinational, Cross-Cultural Project 189 CHAPTER 22: Handling Competition with Other Initiatives 197 Notes 205 Index 207
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