Questions That Sell

Questions That Sell

The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants

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Acknowledgmentsix Preface to the Second Editionxi Introduction1 Chapter 1A Few Questions About . . . Questions9 Chapter 2Deadly Questions: Are Your Questions Costing You Business, Leaving Money on the Table, and Putting Prospects to Sleep?13 Chapter 3Are You a Partner or a Product Peddler? The Educational Question 21 Chapter 4Lock-On Questions and Impact Questions: How to Uncover What Your Buyer Won't--or Can't--Tell You31 Chapter 5Opening the Floodgates: The Power of Expansion Questions49 Chapter 6Comparison Questions: Getting Customers to Think Sideways55 Chapter 7Vision Questions: Understanding Your Buyer's Hopes, Dreams, and Desires63 Chapter 8Putting It All Together: From Prospect to Close73 Chapter 9Try It Yourself: A Sales Scenario to Sharpen Your Questioning Skills85 Chapter 10 Qualifying Questions: Get Prospects to Tell You Why You Should Do Business with Them95 Chapter 11 Alien Encounters: Questions for the First Meeting That Get Buyers to Open Up117 Chapter 12 More Problems = More Sales: Questions That Enlarge the Need 125 Chapter 13 Questions About BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing135 Chapter 14 For Future Sales, Ask About the Past 145 Chapter 15 Getting to Yes Without All the Stress: Anxiety-Free Closing Questions149 Chapter 16 Upselling and Cross-Selling Questions: Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Get Your Full Share of the Customers' Business157 Chapter 17 Relationship-Building Questions: Creating Intimacy and Trust 163 Chapter 18 Accountability Questions: Hold Buyers' Feet to the Fire--and Have Them Love You for It 171 Chapter 19 Cold Calling Questions That Get Prospects Talking177 Chapter 20 Shots in the Dark: Voice Mail and Email Questions183 Chapter 21 Your Very Best Prospects: Using Referral Questions to Build Your Own Pipeline 191 Chapter 22 Social Selling: Adapting Tried-and-True Questions for a New Medium197 Chapter 23 The Keys to the Castle: Questions for Gatekeepers205 Chapter 24 C-Suite Questions: How to Connect with Top-Level Executives 209 Chapter 25 Presentation Questions: How to Keep Buyers Awake, Engaged, and Wanting to Hear More 217 Index223
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