Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

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1.Introduction PART 1 - Relatedness: 'I Belong' Introduction to Part 1 2.The Value of a Secure Attachment Bond: 'I need to feel safe, special and valued.' 3.Insecure Attachments and Ways to Help: 'Understand that this behaviour started as self-protection'PART 2 - Autonomy: 'Being Me' Introduction to Part 2 4.Boundary Setting: 'I need to explore and find out about the world and myself within managed boundaries'. 5.Emotions: 'I need to understand my own feelings and how to use them constructively' 6.Unique but Belonging: 'I want to be me but I still need to be loved' PART 3 -Competence: 'I Can' Introduction to Part 3 7. How Competence Develops: 'I need to feel I can make a difference' 8.Communication Skills and Behaviour: 'I need to understand and make myself understood' 9.Competence and Executive Functions: 'I need the right sort of opportunities and support to practise skills such as paying attention, waiting and managing impulses' PART 4 - Collaborating for Positive Behaviour: 'Together we can' Introduction to Part 4 10.Planning for Positive Behaviour: practitioner viewpoints 11.Planning for Positive Behaviour: parent viewpoints Glossary References
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