Persuasive Business Proposals

Persuasive Business Proposals

Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts

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Contents Preface Section One: Seven Deadly Sins 1:A Good Proposal Is Hard to Find...But It's Worth Looking 2:Recognizing Reality 3:Rushing to the Exit Section Two: A Primer on Persuasion 4:Understanding Persuasion 5:Winning by a NOSE: The Structure of Persuasion 6:Seven Magic Questions: How To Develop a Client-Centered Message 7:Why the Inuit Hunt Whales and Other Secrets ?of Customer Behavior 8:The Cicero Principle:How to Avoid Talking to Yourself in Print 9:Fluff, Guff, Geek, and Weasel: The Art of Saying What You Mean 10:Weaving Your Web: How to Pull It All Together Right from the Start Section Three: The Art of the Part: Where to Put Your Effort 11:Letter Proposals 12: The Structure and Key Elements of Formal ?Proposals 13:Writing the Business Case 14:Recommending and Substantiating Your Solution 15:Persuasive Answers to RFP Questions 16:Presenting Evidence and Proving Your Points 17:Gathering and Tailoring Reusable Content Section Four: How to Manage the Process Without Losing Your Sanity 18:Deal or No Deal?:Qualifying the Opportunity 19:An Overview of the Proposal Development Process 20:The Pursuit of Perfection: ?Editing Your Proposal 21:The Packaging Is Part of the Product 22:Presenting Your Proposal 23:Tracking Your Success 24:Creating a Proposal Center of Excellence 25:Special Challenges Index
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