Music, Dance and the Archive

Music, Dance and the Archive

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List of figures List of tables The contributors List of abbreviations 1 Embodied culture and the limits of the archive Amanda Harris, Linda Barwick, Jakelin Troy 2 "I'll show you that manyardi": Memory and lived experience in the performance of public ceremony in western Arnhem Land Reuben Brown and Solomon Nangamu 3 Ruatepupuke II: Maori meeting house in a museum Jack Gray and Jacqueline Shea Murphy 4 Animating cultural heritage knowledge through songs: Museums, archives, consultation and Tiwi music Genevieve Campbell, Jacinta Tipungwuti, Amanda Harris and Matt Poll 5 The body is an archive: Collective memory, ancestral knowledge, culture and history Rosy Simas 6 Music, dance and the archive: Reanimating 1830s Nyungar songs of Miago Clint Bracknell 7 Authenticity and illusion: Performing Maori and Pakeha in the early twentieth century Marianne Schultz 8 Bodies of representation and resistance: Archiving and performingculture through contemporary Indigenous theatre in Taiwan Chi-Fang Chao 9 Mermaids and cockle shells: Innovation and tradition in the "Diyama" song of Arnhem Land Jodie Kell and Cindy Jinmarabynana
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