More Than Things

More Than Things

A Personalist Ethics for a Throwaway Culture

Metzger, Paul Louis

IVP Academic






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Part One: Compass Navigation

1. The Search for Missing Persons: The Loss and Recovery of Personalism

2. More Faith, Hope, and Love: Metaphysical and Methodological Conditions for a Personalist Moral Vision

Part Two: From the Beginning to the End of Life

3. More Than Abilities: Pro-Life for All in a Throwaway Culture

4. More Than Genetic Perfection: The Value of Imperfect Bodies

5. More Than Sexual Pleasure: A Personalist Approach to Sex and Marriage

6. More Than the Battle of the Sexes: Gender, Patriarchy, and the Imperative for Equality

7. More Than the Mere End or Extension of Life: On Physician-Assisted Suicide

Part Three: From Close to Home and Across the Globe to Outer Space

8. More Than Racial Divisions: Race, Power, and the Beloved Community

9. More Than Import Market Value: Immigration Reform Beyond Meritocracy

10. More Than Just War: Human Value and Drone Warfare

11. More Than Domination of the Earth: Humane Care for Creation

12. More Than Space Exploration: The Ethics of the Final Frontier

Part Four: Journey's End

13. Rediscovering Persons: Finding Our Way Home

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