Memory and Foresight in the Celtic World

Memory and Foresight in the Celtic World

Perspectives from the Late Medieval through Modern Periods


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Introduction: wishful returns and futures foreseen by Lorna G. Barrow and Jonathan M. Wooding 1. Fable and fiction in the creation of contemporary beliefs about the past in Scottish life by Sybil Jack 2. Robert Owen and villages of unity and co-operation: a new concept of urbanism by Tessa Morrison 3. Celticism, Science and the Mnemonic Universe by Cairns Craig 4. 'One foot in Wales and my vowels in England': the Welshness of Dylan Thomas by William Christie 5. Ireland's lexical memory: Irish words in English language texts, 1800-2016 by Dymphna Lonergan 6. Remembering the Celts: Celtic designs on modern coins by John Kennedy 7. Scottish soldiers in fifteenth-century France: remembering an early Scottish diaspora by Elizabeth Bonner 8. Memories of a Celtic past: challenges to an old culture on the changing Scottish and Australian frontiers of life by James Donaldson 9. 'To the land of my praise': memories of Hugh Boyd Laing by Katherine Spadaro 10. Nicholas O'Donnell on the origins of Munster O'Donnells by Val Noone 11. 'Dark and rude and strange ... ' : Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran and the St Mary's 1904 fair by Richard Reid 12. Remembering Easter 1916: Australian links to the Irish rebellion by Anne Maree Whitaker 13. Dancing bodies, living memories: Irish immigrants in Sydney by Jeanette Mollenhauer About the authors Index
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