Management Accounting, 6e

Management Accounting, 6e

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Part 1: An introduction to management and cost accounting: cost terms, systems design and cost behaviour1.Management accounting and the business environment2.An introduction to cost terms, concepts and classifications3.Cost behaviour: analysis and use4.Job-order and service department costing5.Process costing Part 2: Information for decision making6. Cost-volume-profit relationships7. Profit reporting under variable costing and absorption costing8. Performance measurement and reporting on segments9. Activity-based costing10.Relevant costs for decision making Part 3: Planning and control11.Profit planning and the role of budgeting12.Standard costs and variance analysis13.Flexible budgets and performance reporting14.Capital investment decisions15.Pricing and intra-company transfers Part 4: Value metrics and performance management in a strategic context16.Strategic management accounting and the balanced scorecard17.Management control and corporate governance18.Business process management: towards the lean operation19.Strategic perspectives on cost management
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