Exploring Social Psychology

Exploring Social Psychology

Myers, David

McGraw-Hill Education






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Explores social psychological science and applies it to contemporary issues and everyday life. This book presents 31 short modules - each readable in a single sitting - that introduce students to such scientific explorations as love and hate, conformity and independence, prejudice and helping, and persuasion and self-determination.
PART ONEIntroducing Social PsychologyMODULE 1: Doing Social PsychologyMODULE 2: Did You Know It All Along?PART TWOSocial ThinkingMODULE 3: Self-Concept: Who Am I?MODULE 4: Self-Serving BiasMODULE 5: Narcissism and the Limits of Self-EsteemMODULE 6: The Fundamental Attribution ErrorMODULE 7: The Powers and Perils of IntuitionMODULE 8: Reasons for UnreasonMODULE 9: Behavior and BeliefMODULE 10: Clinical IntuitionMODULE 11: Clinical Therapy: The Powers of Social Cognition PART THREESocial InfluenceMODULE 12: Human Nature and Cultural DiversityMODULE 13: Gender, Genes, and CultureMODULE 14: How Nice People Get CorruptedMODULE 15: Two Routes to PersuasionMODULE 16: Indoctrination and InoculationMODULE 17: The Mere Presence of OthersMODULE 18: Many Hands Make Diminished ResponsibilityMODULE 19: Doing Together What We Would Not Do AloneMODULE 20: How Do Groups Intensify Decisions?MODULE 21: Power to the Person PART FOURSocial RelationsMODULE 22: The Reach of PrejudiceMODULE 23: The Roots of PrejudiceMODULE 24: The Nature and Nurture of AggressionMODULE 25: Do the Media Influence Social Behavior?MODULE 26: Who Likes Whom?MODULE 27: The Ups and Downs of LoveMODULE 28: Causes of ConflictMODULE 29: Blessed Are the PeacemakersMODULE 30: When Do People Help?MODULE 31: Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future
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