Ethical Dilemmas in Education: Considering Learning Contexts in Practice

Ethical Dilemmas in Education: Considering Learning Contexts in Practice


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Foreword: Ian Menter Chapter I: Introducing Ethical Dilemmas in Educational Research Chapter II: Ethical guidelines in educational research - Dr Carol Brown Chapter III: Research ethics committees in education research: common purpose, misunderstandings, challenges and moving forward - Dr Sarah Quinton Chapter IV: Ethical dilemmas in the supervision of undergraduate education students conducting research for dissertations - Victoria Pratt Chapter V - Ethical dilemmas in action - Dr Catharine Gilson Chapter VI - Involving children in research; active participation and ongoing assent - Dr Carmel Capewell Chapter VII: Eliciting both the teachers and pupils' perspectives in the creative classroom: Issues of agency and privacy - Professor Deb McGregor and Dr Sarah Frodsham Chapter VIII: Statistically Speaking: Ethical dilemmas in handling numerical data - Professor Mary Wild and Dr Sarah Frodsham Chapter IX: Starting with self: Researching as an insider - Professor Jane Spiro Chapter X: Researcher reflexivity, wellbeing and ethical safety - Professor Mary Wild and Dr Carol Brown Chapter X1: Ethics in Educational Research with Indigenous Communities - Dr Patrick Alexander Chapter XII: Jolts in the margins: probing the ethical dimensions of post-paradigms in educational research - Dr Linda Shaw Chapter XIII: Conclusion: The hidden lives of ethics: beyond the pragmatics - Professor Mary Wild
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Ethics, GDPR, online research, ethics committee, research with children, research in schools, CRB and research, education and ethics