Do Good

Do Good

Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit

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Introduction 1 PART I: IT'S A BRAVE NEW WORLD CHAPTER 1: The New Demand That Brands Make a Difference 13 CHAPTER 2: Balancing Social and Financial Values: The New Brand and Business Equation 30 CHAPTER 3: Brand Citizenship: The Consumer-First Model for Doing Good and Doing Well 52 PART II: THE PATH OF BRAND CITIZENSHIP CHAPTER 4: Trust 77 CHAPTER 5: Enrichment: Enhance Daily Life 113 CHAPTER 6: Responsibility: Behave Fairly 147 CHAPTER 7: Community: Connect Me 184 CHAPTER 8: Contribution: Make Me Bigger Than I Am 214 PART III: CHOOSING CHANGE CHAPTER 9: Stepping Forward into Brand Citizenship 241 ENDNOTES 259 INDEX 287
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