Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand: Meet Less and Do More

Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand: Meet Less and Do More

Brinkman, Rick

McGraw-Hill Education






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Acknowledgments Part I: The Problems with Meetings Introduction: The Problems with Meetings We Will Solve Chapter 1: Meet the Passengers: Problem Behaviors at Meetings and Their Effects Chapter 2: Holographic Thinking Part II: Before the Meeting Chapter 3: Preparing for a Meeting: Your Preflight Checklist Chapter 4: The Art of the Agenda: Your Flight Plan Chapter 5: Start on Time! End on Time! Part II: During and After the Meeting Chapter 6: Meet the Flight Crew: The Process People Chapter 7: Staying on Course with Air Traffic Control Chapter 8: Balancing Participation with Air Traffic Control Chapter 9: Visual Flight Recording: Don't Let a Good Idea Get Away Chapter 10: In-flight Entertainment: Criteria Chapter 11: In-flight Entertainment: Meeting Processes Chapter 12: Virtual Meetings and Conference Calls Chapter 13: TSA: How the Process Prevents Problem Behaviors Part III: Implementing the Meeting Jet Chapter 14: Integrating the Meeting Jet Process with Robert's Rules of Order Chapter 15: Cage Rattling 101: Bringing People on Board the Meeting Jet Chapter 16: Finale and Next Step: How We Came to Meet Appendix: Additional Resources Notes Index
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