Cultures of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools: Reflecting on Positive Case Studies

Cultures of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools: Reflecting on Positive Case Studies

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Foreword: Professor Dame Alison Peacock, CEO Chartered College of Teaching Acknowledgements Introduction SECTION I: Teacher wellbeing and mental health: whole-school strategies and impact on pupil progress CHAPTER 1. Teacher wellbeing and mental health, the causes of Burnout and Ofsted: Stephen Waters. CHAPTER 2. Findings from Small-Scale Survey into Teacher Wellbeing and Mental Health: Stephen Waters CHAPTER 3. Teachers' Lack of Wellbeing and Mental Ill-Health in Schools: Survey of teachers and support staff: Stephen Waters CHAPTER 4. Teacher Wellbeing and Pupil Progress: Jonathan Glazzard CHAPTER 5. Whole-School Approach to Wellbeing: Jonathan Glazzard CHAPTER 6. The role of 'Buffer' leadership in staff wellbeing: Stephen Waters SECTION II: Primary School Case Studies CHAPTER 7. Three Bridges Primary School. There is Another Way: Jeremy Hannay, Headteacher, with Stephen Waters CHAPTER 8. Kingham Primary School. Staff Emotional Health: Bretta Townend-Jowitt, Headteacher CHAPTER 9. Brimsdown Primary School. Staff: The Most Important School Resource. Dani Lang, Headteacher CHAPTER 10. St Peter's C of E Primary School. Flexible working arrangements allow staff and pupils to walk down Progress Avenue: Lynn Williams, Headteacher CHAPTER 11. Cleadon Church of England Academy. Workload, Wellbeing and the Workforce: Jayn Gray, Headteacher, with Stephen Waters CHAPTER 12. North Walsall Primary Academy. The North Walsall Way: Principal Natalie Hawkins CHAPTER 13. Elsely Primary School. Staff wellbeing and mental health during the pandemic: Alice Codnor, Class Teacher and Outdoor Learning Leader CHAPTER 14. St John's C of E Primary. One Size doesn't Fit All: Jo Williamson, Headteacher CHAPTER 15: Fatfield Academy. Embedding a Culture of Staff Wellbeing: Nicky Dowdle, Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead CHAPTER 16. Crowcombe Primary School and Stogumber Primary School. The Elephant Outside the Room: Julie Norman, Executive Headteacher and Primary Lead, Quantock Education Trust CHAPTER 17. Preston Primary School. Wellbeing - or a Way of Life?: Sue Richardson, Headteacher CHAPTER 18. Pentland Primary School. New Beginnings: Dawn Dacombe, Headteacher CHAPTER 19. Wayfield Primary School. Proud to Achieve. Anytime. Anywhere. Matthew Tragheim: Apple Teacher CHAPTER 20. St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School. Our SJSB Family: Amy Chadwick, Class Teacher and Wellbeing Champion CHAPTER 21. Harrowgate Hill Primary School. Staff Wellbeing is not a Tick-Box Exercise: Amanda Abbott, Headteacher SECTION III: Secondary School Case Studies CHAPTER 22. Dartford Community College. Happy Staff, Happy Students: Debbie Ellis, Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead CHAPTER 23. Queen Mary's Grammar School. Mental Health is Everyone's Concern: Sophie McPhee, Wellbeing Group Co-ordinator CHAPTER 24. Sir Frederick Gibberd College. Looking after staff wellbeing: Dee Conlon, Headteacher. CHAPTER 25. John Taylor Free School. Succeed and Thrive: Sue Plant, Head of School CHAPTER 26. Desborough College. Wellbeing at Desborough College: Daniel Clawson, Assistant Principal and Wellbeing Lead CHAPTER 27. The James Hornsby School. Everybody matters. Investment in staff is key - welcome to our family: Daniel Steel, Headteacher CHAPTER 28. Rivermead Inclusive Trust. Whole-Trust Approach to Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health: Paul Dadson, Strategic Lead for Teaching and Learning CHAPTER 29. Ladybridge High School. Leading as you Wish to be Led: Paddy Russell, Headteacher CHAPTER 30. Baines School. Rapidly Improving a School while Developing Staff Wellbeing: Alison Chapman, Headteacher, with Clare Doherty, Deputy Headteacher CHAPTER 31. Holy Family RC and CE College. Together, We Can do Great Things: Karen Ames, Headteacher CHAPTER 32. Tamworth Enterprise College. What it Takes to be Remarkable: Jonathon Spears, Vice Principal CHAPTER 33. Firth Park Academy. Staff, Student and Family Wellbeing - An Integrated Whole: Frankie Arundel, Head of Humanities and Mental Health & Wellbeing CHAPTER 34. The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls. Isolated, but Never Alone: We're in this Together: Ashley D Johnson, School Counsellor SECTION IV: Alternative Provision CHAPTER 35. Bishopston Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). Investing in Staff: Headteacher, Emily Carr CHAPTER 36. Coal Clough Academy Alternative Provision. Back from the Brink: Nathanial Eatwell, Designated Safeguarding Lead CHAPTER 37. Gretton School. Acknowledging and Supporting the Management of Transactional Stress: Beth Elkins, Headteacher CHAPTER 38. King Edwin Free School. Implementing a culture of staff wellbeing helped us get from Requires Improvement to Good: Lorna McLean, Headteacher. SECTION V: Final Reflections CHAPTER 39. Final Reflections: Stephen Waters
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