Contemporary Management

Contemporary Management


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Part One: Management Chapter 1: Managers and Managing Chapter 2: The Evolution of Management Chapter 3: Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person Part Two: The Environment of Management Chapter 4: Ethics and Social Responsibility Chapter 5: Managing Diverse Employees in a Multicultural Environment Chapter 6: Managing in the Global Environment Part Three: Decision Making, Planning and Strategy Chapter 7: Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Chapter 8: The Manager as a Planner and a Strategist Chapter 9: Value Chain Management: Functional Strategies for Competitive Advantage Part Four: Organizing and Controlling Chapter 10: Managing Organizational Structure and Culture Chapter 11: Organizational Control and Change Chapter 12: Human Resource Management Part Five: Leading Individuals and Groups Chapter 13: Motivation Performance Chapter 14: Leadership Chapter 15: Effective Groups and Teams Part Six: Managing Critical Organizational Processes Chapter 16: Promoting Effective Communication Chapter 17: Managing Conflict, Politics, and Negotiation Chapter 18: Used Advanced Information Technology to Increase Performance
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