Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Second Edition

Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Second Edition


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Part I: General Issues of Inpatient Pediatric Medicine Section A: Hospitalists and Hospitalist Systems Section B: Improving the Quality of Care for Hospitalized Children Section C. Caring for the Patient Section D: Hospitalist Service Administration Section E: Ethics, The Law, and Pediatric Clinical Research Section F: Hospitalists' Work: Present and Future Part II: Common Presenting Signs and Symptoms Part III: Systems Approach Section A: Neonatology Section B: Fluids and Electrolytes Section C: Infectious Diseases Section D: Pulmonology Section E: Cardiology Section F: Endocrinology Section G: Gastroenterology and Nutrition Section H: Rheumatology Section I: Nephrology Section J: Hematology Section K: Oncology Section L: Neurology Section M: Genetics and Metabolism Section N: Allergy and Immunology Section O: Surgical Issues Section P: Dermatology Section Q: Psychiatry Section R: Adolescent Medicine Section S: Child Abuse and Neglect Section T: Toxins, Substance Abuse, and Environmental Exposures Section U: Care of the Medically Complex Child Part IV: Procedures
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