Charitable Writing - Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words

Charitable Writing - Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words

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List of Illustrations Foreword by Anne Ruggles Gere Opening Meditation: At the Gallery Introduction: At the Threshold Part One: Humble Listening 1. Entering the Study 2. On Humility 3. Humble Listening in Local Writing Communities 4. Humble Listening in Discourse Communities Part Two: Loving Argument 5. The Law of Charitable Writing 6. On Argument 7. On Charity 8. Charitable Writing as Love's Banquet 9. Beastly Feasting 10. Making Space at the Table Part Three: Keeping Time Hopefully 11. Slow Writing 12. Liturgies of Writing Closing Meditation: At the Gallery Afterword by Alan Jacobs Acknowledgments Appendix A: Practicing Charitable Writing: Discussion Questions and Writing Prompts Appendix B: Teaching Charitable Writing: Choosing a Via Nova, by Jeffry C. Davis Appendix C: Writing as a Spiritual Discipline, by Stephanie Paulsell Bibliography General Index Scripture Index
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