Career Match

Career Match

Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do

Bidou, Ann; Zichy, Shoya

HarperCollins Focus






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CONTENTS IntroductionVII AcknowledgmentsXI People ProfiledXIII PART 1 The Jump Start: Defining Yourself and Others1 CHAPTER 1 Don't Read the Whole Book2 CHAPTER 2 The Color Q Personality Style Self Assessment4 CHAPTER 3 A Quick History of Personality Typing13 PART 2 Greens: "Let's Humanize It"17 CHAPTER 4 Greens Overall18 CHAPTER 5 Green/Gold Extroverts24 CHAPTER 6 Green/Gold Introverts36 CHAPTER 7 Green/Red Extroverts47 CHAPTER 8 Green/Red Introverts60 PART 3 Reds: "Let's Do It Now"71 CHAPTER 9 Reds Overall72 CHAPTER 10 Red/Blue Extroverts 78 CHAPTER 11 Red/Blue Introverts 90 CHAPTER 12 Red/Green Extroverts102 CHAPTER 13 Red/Green Introverts116 PART 4 Blues: "Let's Change It"127 CHAPTER 14 Blues Overall128 CHAPTER 15 Blue/Gold Extroverts134 CHAPTER 16 Blue/Gold Introverts146 CHAPTER 17 Blue/Red Extroverts160 CHAPTER 18 Blue/Red Introverts173 PART 5 Golds: "Let's Do It Right"185 CHAPTER 19 Golds Overall186 CHAPTER 20 Gold/Blue Extroverts192 CHAPTER 21 Gold/Blue Introverts206 CHAPTER 22 Gold/Green Extroverts221 CHAPTER 23 Gold/Green Introverts234 PART 6 Getting the Job247 CHAPTER 24 Before I Do Something Stupid: Adjusting to Other Styles248 CHAPTER 25 Would I Make a Good Entrepreneur?253 CHAPTER 26 Money and Compensation262 PART 7 Creating a Customized Roadmap for Your Professional Life267 CHAPTER 27 A Roadmap for Putting It All Together268 Notes273 Bibliography and Resources277 Index283 About the Authors290
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