Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World

Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World

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Part One: Introduction to Business Communication Chapter 1: Establishing Credibility Part Two: Principles of Interpersonal Communication Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication and Emotional Intelligence Chapter 3: Team Communication and Difficult Conversations Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures Part Three: Principles for Business Messages Chapter 5: Creating Effective Business Messages Chapter 6: Improving Readability with Style and Design Chapter 7: E-mail and Other Traditional Tools for Business Communication Chapter 8: Social Media for Business Communication Part Four: Types of Business Messages Chapter 9: Routine Business Messages Chapter 10: Persuasive Messages Chapter 11: Bad-News Messages Part Five: Reports and Presentations Chapter 12: Research and Business Proposals and Planning for Business Proposals Chapter 13: Completing Business Proposals and Business Reports Chapter 14: Planning Presentations Chapter 15: Delivering Presentations Chapter 16: Employment Communication Appendixes: Appendix A: Punctuation, Number Usage, and Grammar Appendix B: Formatting for Letters and Memos
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