Bringing the Curriculum to Life: Engaging Learners in the English Education System

Bringing the Curriculum to Life: Engaging Learners in the English Education System


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Introduction Part I: Current curriculum context at national level Chapter 1: Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) and the Curriculum Oliver Belas Chapter 2: From Curriculum Theory to Curriculum Practice: Some observations on privilege, power and policy Steve Connolly Part II: Alternative/bespoke education Chapter 3: Alternative Education: the rise in elective home education: issues related to recognition, collaboration and successful partnerships Amber Fensham-Smith Chapter 4: Exploring Accessible Curricula for Learners with PMLD Cathal Butler Part III: Creative engagement in the curriculum Chapter 5: Planning and designing a creative Secondary English curriculum James Shea Chapter 6: Using culturally responsive pedagogy to improve literacy learning within a supplementary school Margaret Olugbaro, Janice Wearmouth and Uvanney Maylor Chapter 7: Oracy, Dialogic Learning and Education for Democracy. Developing an authentic 'student voice' in an Eastern Region secondary school Mike Berrill and Neil Hopkins Chapter 8: A creative approach to supporting literacy acquisition for a young man with difficulties Philippa Smith, Janice Wearmouth and Karen Lindley Chapter 9: The Future of Physical Education is in the Mix: establishing the DJ as a Metaphor for Innovative Curriculum Design Saul Keyworth and Danny Golding Chapter 10 Bringing the Physical Education curriculum to life for all children and young people Paul Sammon and Ian Roberts Part IV: Making it real Chapter 11: Real world contexts and teaching Mieka Harris Chapter 12: How can Forest School education enhance children's curricular experiences? Perry Knight Chapter 13: Using language learning strategies to transform teaching and learning experiences in mainstream classrooms Mario Moya Part V: Learning environment: teacher trainers', early years teachers' and child and adult learners' perspectives Chapter 14: Starting to see the 'bigger picture': ways of developing professional and paraprofessional understandings of behaviour, curriculum and the learning environment Steve Connolly and Allyson Goodchild Chapter 15: Bringing the curriculum to life in the Early Years: a consideration of the learning environment Michelle Sogga and Karen Siddons Chapter 15: Culturally responsive approaches for children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) in the English National Curriculum: Reflections from personal experiences Malini Mistry Chapter 17: How can we ensure that young people and their Special Educational Needs are included in Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) lessons? Philippa Smith, Janice Wearmouth and Karen Lindley
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