Behaviour matters in Early Years Settings Pedagogical principles and practice

Behaviour matters in Early Years Settings Pedagogical principles and practice

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PART 1: THE TEACHER AND THE CHILD: KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU Chapter 1: The early years teacher: Who am I? Chapter 2: Who are the young children I work with? Chapter 3: Young children's emotional and social world Chapter 4: The continuum of young children's behaviour Part 2: BEHAVIOUR MATTERS - THE DEBATE Chapter 5: The challenge of labelling and defining behaviours Chapter 6: Behaviour prevalence and trends: What is the truth? Chapter 7: Discipline or behaviour management? Chapter 8: Enabling environments for positive behaviours Part 3: WHEN BEHAVIOUR RAISES CONCERNS - SUPPORTING INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN Chapter 9: Profiling behaviour and risk factors Chapter 10: The Life Space Review: Child participation in action Chapter 11: Working with parents and other agencies Chapter 12: Designing and implementing Individual Behaviour Support Plans Part 4: PROFESSIONAL LEARNING Chapter 13: Rewards - A pedagogical critique Chapter 14: Story-playing: The foundation of emotional literacy Chapter 15: Intervention programmes Chapter 16: Who Am I? What do I know and What Can I Do?
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EY Behaviour; Education and behaviour; Child rights; young children's behaviour; enabling positive behaviour; promoting emotional well-being; defining behaviour