Achieving Teaching Excellence: Developing Your TEF Profile and Beyond

Achieving Teaching Excellence: Developing Your TEF Profile and Beyond

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Chapter 1: Towards A New Landscape for UK Higher Education Part I: Teaching Quality Chapter 2: Learning Lessons in Observation from Student Teachers Chapter 3: Developing New Learning Resources Chapter 4: Towards a New Approach Part II: Learning Environment Chapter 5: Digital Learning Chapter 6: Engaging with the Outside World Chapter 7: Widening Participation: Access, Success and Progression Chapter 8: Internationalisation - The Global Classroom Part III: Student Outcomes and Learning Gain Chapter 9: Gaming and Simulation Chapter 10: Authentic Assessment Chapter 11: Innovative Assessment - Feeding Back, Feeding Forward Chapter 12: Innovative Assessment: Authentic Assessment to Beat the Cheats Chapter 13: Embedding Employability using Innovation Chapter 14: Conclusions
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Achieving Academic Excellence: teaching excellence framework; teaching and learning; academic practice; assessment; teaching innovation; learning outcomes<br/><br><br/>